Fundraising for Education.

Initiative of WiBiA: Women in Business in Africa

WiBiA Corporate Sponsorship Appeal

Would you like to be part of our effort to address unemployment by supporting entrepreneurship through skills development?

WiBiA are taking the initiative to develop entrepreneurs and promote job-creation.

This is achieved through providing free skills development and training on popular topics such as:

1. How to write a business plan
2. How to create and manage a budget
3. How to promote your business
4. How to manage staff effectively

In addition, WiBiA creates an effective forum for networking opportunities and provides access to essential business information including:

1. How to register your business
2. How to register with SARS
3. How BEE can help your business
4. How to register with industry bodies

Thabo Mbeki once said that we should be

“working to create a developed and prosperous South Africa whose citizens will, through their collective efforts, defeat poverty and underdevelopment, as well as create a non-racial and non-sexist society.”

At WiBiA our main objective is to assist the women of Africa in becoming financially independent, by providing business information, networking opportunities and free skills development. Many WiBiA members have gone on to start new businesses, while others have achieved greater success in their careers.

We have enjoyed generous sponsorship from Papillon Training over the past four years, but require additional funding in order to increase our efforts and realize these new ambitions.

Some of the other benefits of supporting WiBiA include:

  1. Branding at WiBiA events
  2. Free advertising in our monthly newsletter
  3. PR at major events
  4. Extensive Business Networking
Bank Account Details:

Account Holder: WiBiA
Bank: Nedbank
Account Type: Savings
Account Number: 2088081682

Fundraising Number:  073-735

  • Natalie Soinè

  • Phone: (021) 557-3249

  • Fax: (021) 556-4120 / 086 667 7367

  • Email:

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